110: Selling is not sleazy

Do you cringe at the idea of selling?
Do you feel guilty, and instead you just want to help people out?

I see this all the time as people are starting. 

They just want to give everything away
They want to be helpful to others.
But they are afraid to actually charge or put an offer out there. 

They are afraid because they think it will come off as sleezy.

This is a mental barrier in your head. 

Sales is not sleazy if you do it in an authentic way.

Instead, sales is helping people.
Sales is choosing the right people, and figuring out how to support them.
Sales is finding someones pain point, and then solving it.

If you do sales in the right way, then your customers come out on top.

That is a mindset shift. 
It's not about trying to swindle them out of money.

It's trying to create win/win relationships where you and your client benefit.