111: Building an authentic audience

"Building an audience is a byproduct of a person becoming something. 

Because we all seek to become something (ourselves). 

And so we're attracted by it.

And so it can't be faked. " - David Sherry

Over the past year and a half, my audience has grown significantly. 
And I have far more engagement from my audience than ever before.

Yet I have put far less focus on "building an audience" or "growing my email list" over the past year.

It's growing because I am growing.

This quote from David Sherry nails it. 

People don't follow someone because they have all of the tactics and hacks in place to capture every email opt-in, and then the perfect autoresponder sequence.

People follow someone because they are attract to that person. 
They are attracted to that person because that person is growing and evolving. 

You can't fake that. 

So stop trying to hack your way to growing an audience.

Instead become someone worth following.