112: Just because you can, doesn't mean you have to

I walked out of the room and shame crept in...

I had paid to attend the conference of a business leader that I looked up to, but I had just received a pitch jam packed with every tool of social persuasion you could matter. 

At the end of the pitch, here is what he said.

"If you are going to sign up and move with forward with my coaching program, then stay in your seat. Everyone else need to get up and head out."

Shame. He was using shame as a marketing tactic to drive people to stay in the room and move forward.

I knew I wasn't going to sign up before the pitch every started, but I still felt the shame.

I saw a women leave the room, nearly break into tears, and then turn around and run back in.

It sickened me. 

He may have just made an extra $10,000 by shaming someone into joining his program.
But he turned me away for life. 

There are mental tactics of persuasion such as shame that are powerful.
But just because you can use them, doesn't mean you have to. 

It may generate short term results, but it erodes your trust in the long term.