114: Convert your prospect's mindset

In order for you to turn your prospects into customers, you must convert their mindset. 
To do this, you must reach a series of small "yes's" along the journey until they reach a stage of buying with you.

To see that in practice, here is how we do that at Lead Cookie.

Yes 1: The prospect must come to believe that Linkedin is a viable lead gen channel for them to invest in.

Fortunately, the market is shifting people toward this trend already. Most people come to this conclusion on their own.

Yes 2: The prospect must come to believe that the Linkedin tactics that we utilize are the best approach.

We get them to this stage by putting out free educational content that gives away 100% of our approach. This sells them on the idea of what we do.

Yes 3: The prospect must come to believe that Lead Cookie is the best option to generate leads on Linkedin.

We accomplish this through our marketing, case studies, testimonials, educational content, thought leadership, and quality landing pages. 


Each stage is a mindset shift for the prospect. 

If I tried to sell a random stranger, I would fail because they must first achieve those first two yes's, before they can become a customer.

You must convert your prospect's mindset.