115: Emotions Sell

As a very logical person, I always thought that logic was the path to making a sale. 
But over the years I have come to realize that even I am driven to purchase by emotion.

While facts about a purchase are necessary, the truth is they most often only drive 10-20% of a purchasing decision.

Instead, a majority of a person's decision to purchase is based on how they feel. 

It is the story they tell themselves about how your offer will change their life.
It is the emotions of confidence and certainty that arise from your marketing.
It is the connection you create with them through your copy and materials.

People don't buy on logic alone.
They buy on emotion.

And learning how to trigger these emotions in your marketing is not a skill you can learn overnight.
But it is one worth investing in.

Because when you can master the emotional triggers that inspire someone, that is when your ability to sell will increase tenfold.