116: Own your mistakes

I had a team member write me a resignation letter this morning... and it was 100% my fault.

This team member was doing great work and then I kept adding more to her plate: new types of work and new challenges. 

I kept adding to the point where she went from flawless execution, to struggling with much more complex work that I was sending her. 

Eventually, she got too stressed out and decided to write me her resignation. 

This hit home because I have never had someone resign like this before. 

And so this was a wake-up call... 

In this moment, I do everything I can to remedy the situation, to apologize, and to take ownership for the situation. 

I can't undo the stress or the damage that has been done.
But I can make her aware that it's not her fault, and that I have failed as a leader to her.

As a leader, you are never going to be perfect.
You are going to screw up at times.

But how you handle that says a lot.

A bad leader will deflect their mistakes and blame others.
A good leader will own their mistakes. 

They take responsibility and actions to do whatever they can to remedy the situation