117: Acquire new skill sets

"I've got this software idea but I'm not going to work on that for now because that's not my wheelhouse. I'm more of a service business guy."

That is an actual statement from me. 

And while there may be some truth in that statement, I am beginning to realize that it's full of limiting beliefs.

Baked in, it assumes that I'm not a software guy.
It assumes I do service businesses.

But here is the thing. While that may be true today, it doesn't have to be true forever.

If I want to become a software guy, I can.
I just need to go out and learn the skills on how to manage software projects and teams.

It means I need to acquire new skill sets.

Service businesses are great, but to limit myself to that "because that's what I do" is weak.

Instead, I should be aiming for expansion of my own skill sets and mind sets which will open the door to greater possibilities for me over time.

Acquire new skill sets and the doors of possibility will swing open wide for you.