118: "I'm not a systems person"

"I am not a systems person. I'm more of the creative type."

For years, I told myself that story. I was good at sales, marketing, and doing creative work.

But systems... I didn't want to come anywhere close to that.

Then I heard a simple concept that rocked my world.

As an entrepreneur, there are 3 skills you must master.

  1. Generating leads

  2. Turning leads into closed sales

  3. Building systems to service those customers

For my entire career, I had been focused on 1 & 2. And I assumed I could get by and just hire someone to handle #3 for me one day. 

But eventually that flipped on it's head.

I realized that if I wanted to grow, I had to learn how to build systems. 
I had to learn how to think in systems. 
Because I ultimately had to market and sell systems. 

Over the past two years, I have become passionate about building systems.

And today my story is "I freaking love systems. They give me the freedom to do my creative work."