119: Entrepreneurship as an identity

"For most of my life I self-identified as being an entrepreneur. Now I'm starting to explore other things, and it's really interesting to no longer consider that my identity."

Yesterday I was listening to a podcast interview with an entrepreneur who had sold his business. 

And this quote from him stuck out to me... 

It stuck out to me because I have so much of my identity wrapped up in the work I do and the businesses I create.

And for many entrepreneurs, that is the case.

But what happens when we someday sell our business?
What happens when we make enough cash someday that we don't need to keep building?

Well for many entrepreneurs, they just keep going because that is all they can identify with.

But for this man, he took the finances and the freedom that entrepreneurship created for him and dove into music, theatre, travel, and all of these creative pursuits that he had neglected for years.

And he discovered a new identity that wasn't entrepreneurship. 

It's scary to think about, but who are you when you take away entrepreneurship as your identity?