121: Acquisition by intention

Most business owners don't think about selling their company until an opportunity lands in their plate.

Then, they scramble around and learn everything they can about acquisitions while running their company, and dealing with this opportunity at the same time.

As a result, they make dumb mistakes, and are not adequately prepared for the opportunity that has presented itself to them. 

The alternative is to start learning about how to sell your company today.

You don't need to learn every minute detail, but as an entrepreneur you should put some time and energy into understanding acquisitions just like any skill in your business.

"But I don't want to sell," you might say.

And today, you may not want to. But the truth is that there are two ways to exit a business... You can sell it, or you can wind it down and liquidate it into nothing... 

If you care about what you have built, and the team you have built, it is your duty to learn how to let this business live on beyond you.