124: Do work that doesn't scale

When Nathan Barry started ConvertKit, he couldn't get anyone to switch and use his platform because it was too much work to migrate from their existing email marketing tool.

So he offered to migrate them for free... by hand... 

This looked insanely unprofitable, considering that is hours of manual work for a $79 per month subscription to his product.

But he did it anyway, and it got people to switch.
So he kept doing it, and then he built a team to do it.
And now it has become one of the biggest drivers of customers for their business.

They still offer free conversions to their customers which is something no one else ever offered before.

It wasn't scaleable, and at the start, it certainly wasn't profitable. But that is what made it work. 

And over time they figured out a way to make it work at scale. They put a floor of 5,000 email subscribers to qualify for a migration. 

In the early days, you need to think in systems and scalability, but you have to balance that with doing human things that you may see as "unscaleable".