125: Focus on what you can control

I’ve recently found myself overridden with anxiety.

You see, my company offers done-for-you LinkedIn lead generation and at the core of our business is LinkedIn.

Well, LinkedIn is changing things. Their limits, what they allow, how their platform works.

LinkedIn is changing and I can’t control that.

But if affects me massively. It impacts my business and creates new challenges.

And as this happens, I have found myself overwhelmed with anxiety...

Even though I knew these changes were coming, it still stressed me out to experience them.

They are out of my control and threaten what I have built.

But stressing over them doesn’t help.

It only makes things worse.

I have to accept that I can not control LinkedIn.

And instead, I must focus on what I can control-how I, as an individual, and we, as a company, react.

Focus on what you can control.

Accept what you cannot.