126: You are an employer, not a parent

As you build a team and a company culture, you can start to grow a sense of attachment to your team.

This is natural and is actually a sign you are doing things right as a leader.

But at some point that attachment can go too far.

You can start to feel responsible for every team member's life and to always provide for them.

This attachment can get unhealthy and cloud your decision-making.

As an entrepreneur, you are an employer. 

Invest in your people and treat them well.

But you must realize that if the tides turn in your business, you may have to part ways or lay someone off.

And if they do, you will treat people well and help them however you can.

You are an employer.

Not a parent.

Treat your team well, but you can’t get too attached so that it clouds the business decisions that are best for the long-term sustainability of the business.