128: Build with intention from day one

A few months back, I had a short call with Russ Perry where we talked about a new venture I was building. 

I talked about my fear of inability to scale and his advice was simple.

"From day one, I hired a designer and built the service so that it ran without me."

That was a huge mindset shift. 

Today, I was reading a blog from Brian Casel where he talked about Audience Ops and he said the exact same thing. 

From day one, he built it so that he was not involved in the deliverables.

If you want to build a service to scale, then you must build it from day one to run without you.

That means that YOU cannot be part of the value of the service.

This is where most agencies and consultants fail.
They build a good freelance or agency business.
Then they try to "scale it up", but ultimately, the business is built on their expertise.

If you want to scale a service business, then you must design it from day one to run without you.