130: You control your day

As an entrepreneur, you have a million things flying at you every day.

Each ping of your inbox or Slack is someone asking something of you.

Your team
External pitches
Partners reaching out
Social media notifications

It never stops.

And if you aren't careful, it can be extremely easy to let your day get whisped away by other people's demands.

Answering every email in your inbox
Fulfilling other peoples demands

One quote I love is, "Your inbox is a to-do list that anyone in the world can add a task to."

When you keep that in mind, it lets you look at all of those pings differently.

You realize you don't have to do them all.
And instead, you are in control.

You control your day.
But to do that, you must stay conscious amidst the noise.
You must keep a calm mind and focus on what is important.