132: Writing is a skill worth learning

Writing- As an entrepreneur, we do it every single day. 

We write emails, proposals, text messages, web pages, marketing campaigns, pitch decks, vision documents, job descriptions, social posts...

The list could go on and on.

Yet many entrepreneurs fall into this trap of saying "I'm not a good writer." 

Well, that is bullshit. 

No one is born a good writer. 
Instead, you become one through practice. 

You don't need to take a course on grammar.
You just need to practice and write more. 

People comment on my writing skills often. 
And I tell them it just comes from practicing every single day.

I use my writing for my business.
To write letters to my family
To journal my own thoughts and feelings. 
To persuade and influence others.

When you improve your writing skills, everything else in life comes easier. 

Writing is a skill worth learning.
So start practicing today.