134: You can never be too grateful

"Jonathan is dead..." I got this call about a year ago and it rocked my world. 

A high school friend, who I had been extremely close with in my youth, passed away unexpectedly due to a health condition completely outside of his control. 

Jonathan had been pursuing a degree in writing and was one of the most creative people I had ever met.

Inside Jonathan were masterpieces yet to be written, records yet to be recorded, and art that would have brought smiles to all who experienced it. 

Yet factors outside of his control cut Jonathan's path short. 

Nothing can change that now. 

But we can learn from Jonathan and through his message, expand ours to the world.

We can be grateful for this chance to be alive and breathing.
This chance to wake up every day and create.
This chance to do what we are called to do. 

You can never be too grateful.
Even if it is just for the opportunity to wake up every morning.