135: Build systems to save money

For years, I tried to just save whatever money I had left... That didn't work out too well because somehow I would always find a way to spend it.And then I had nothing left...

Eventually, I realized that the key to saving money is not to just make more and have some left...

The key is to build systems that force you to save money along the way, and then operate off of what is left. 

To do this, I set up a series of rules.

Rules for the minimum amount of cash in the bank account at any point in time.
Rules for percentages of revenue that go into tax and profit accounts.
Rules for when and how much we pay down on debt vs keeping cash in the bank.

Systems and rules for your money are the key to actually keeping the money you make.

Trying to just save whatever is left is a weak system that will most likely fail.

Build systems to save money.