136: Sales without delivery is a slippery slope

For many people, the challenge is always around selling more customers on your product or service.
But for individuals like myself, the sales part comes easy.

What is hard is delivery.

It is building the systems to predictably deliver an outcome.

It's easy to fall into this trap of saying, "Oh, we will just make the sale and figure things out."

That may have worked when it was just me consulting and I could fix problems through hustle...
But that fails to work once you are hiring teams of people and you are selling to 20 customers instead of 5.

At some point, you begin to realize that just because sales are good doesn't mean that everything else will be rosy.

You have to stop and focus on delivery.
That may even mean putting the breaks on or delaying new revenue.

It's not a fun decision to make, but sometimes it is essential to have.

Because if your delivery sucks,
customers churn,
and your reputation will be tarnished.

Slow down on sales.
Focus on delivery.