137: To all the marketing consultants

To all my marketing consultants out there, this is a wake up call for you.

Stop just pouring your marketing skills into other peoples' businesses... 

Yes, that may be how you make money today but I know inside you there is something more. 

There is something greater that you can build.
Something that is yours. 

You can build it and then use your skills to market it.

Deep down inside you know this.
You get frustrated with clients. 

You just wish you could market your own project...

Well you can.

But you have to step up and make it happen.
You have to step up and take a leap to start building something for yourself.

You must learn more than just marketing.
You must learn systems, sales, and value propositions as well. 

But once you build your own business to market... then you will never desire to do marketing for someone else again.