138: You have everything you need

For years, I stumbled around looking for answers. 
I wanted to build a bigger and better business that gave me freedom in life.
And I thought it was just around the corner... just one more book or video course away.

But eventually, I've come to learn something. 

No book holds the secret to your success.
No video course has all the answers.
And no mentor is going to fix it all for you.

Instead, you have everything inside of you that you need to succeed today.

Books, videos, and mentors may help you accelerate your journey, but they aren't the answer. 

And when you look for answers, you are setting yourself up for failure.

Instead, you must realize and acknowledge:

I am going to succeed, no matter what.
Access to knowledge and mentors may help me in my journey, but the keys to success lie within, not without.

When you realize that everything you need is inside of you, your mindset changes.
You stop looking to the outside world for answers, permission, and validation.
And you start making big bold moves from a place of self-confidence.