139: Why we fear paving our own path

"Entrepreneurs look toward frameworks because they don't believe they care creative enough to build their own." - Alex McClafferty

"We believe that if we follow a template and it doesn’t work out, it’s not us who is to blame, but the template... And so we switch from recipe to recipe, hoping that the next one will get us somewhere, but it rarely, if ever, does." - David Sherry

Two people I look up to recently hit me with very similar advice.
Different words, same message.

As entrepreneurs, we are consistently looking for a proven path, a framework, or a recipe for success.

But the truth is that the people we look up to and aspire to be like... they got there because they paved their own path. 

They figured out a path that combined their unique strengths with the opportunities the world presented them and paved a path unique to them. 

When we try to mimic someone else's path, we often fail. 
We don't have the same skill sets, and we often don't have the same opportunities. 

Instead, we need to learn to honor ourselves.
Find certainty in ourselves. 
And become confident paving our own unique path.