140: The importance of content

Over 90% of the people who read your content will never buy from you. 

For one reason or another, they may not have the funds or may not be your ideal customer.

BUT, those 90% of people can still get behind your message, and still be advocates to share and promote your message.

They can still become cult followers of your brand and push your message out there to others.

At Lead Cookie, we have audience members who are not a right fit to use our service, yet they actively refer us and share our content with others.

They believe in what we are doing and help spread the word.

This is the power of genuine content. 
It spreads without you even trying.

But when content is forced, its aim is tactical and click baity that... well doesn't spread.
That doesn't build cult-like followers who spread your message.

If you want your brand to have momentum and spread on its own, be authentic.
Put out the best content you can and let the market spread the message for you.