141: Marketing is telling stories worth sharing

Word of mouth is the holy grail for any marketer, yet most people think that this is something that just happens. 

But in reality, word of mouth is what happens when one person tells your story to another.

You do great work for a client, and so they tell that story to someone else.
You share your journey online, and someone tells that to a friend. 
You appear on a podcast, and that story resonates with someone. 

Yet most people think that word of mouth is 100% random...

In truth, it can be designed. 

Go out and find any professional author or speaker who is doing a book tour.
Now, listen to the same author do a book tour of 3-4 different podcasts.

What you will hear is the same story, over and over again.
While nuances may differ, they will have a core story that they share.

That core story is by design. 
It is their message and it represents what they believe in.

By putting an intelligent and well thought out story into the world, over and over again, you create a brand and a message worth following.

What is your story? And is it worth sharing?