142: Stop looking for the next "hack"

Everyday, I talk with entrepreneurs who are stuck in their business.
And they all seem to be looking for the "hack" or path that is going to give them the success they desire... 

And while you can learn things and find values in what others share, often people are misled as they try to look for the next "hack" to grow their business.

In reality, no one that succeeds followed some completely proven script. 
If it were that easy, everyone would do it. 

Marketers will try and promise you how easy it is... 
How they have the formula that cures all... 

But that is BS. 

If you want success, you must learn to pave your own path.
You must show up and have confidence and certainty in yourself.
You must become someone more today than you were yesterday.

And in that path of becoming, you might just build something incredible along the way. 

But you will never build something incredible following every hack or system that someone else is teaching you.

Instead, you must follow the voice inside of you and pave your own path.