143: Follow the voice within

"So do you think this is a good idea?" 

I remember asking that question to my business coach all of the time whenever we started working together. 

I was seeking his approval and not confident in my own choices...

Over time, I saw this pattern resonate through all areas of my life.

Seeking approval of my wife, my parents, my team, and the public... 

It's a dangerous trap to fall into because when you seek the approval of others on your decisions, you aren't showing confidence in what you believe is right.

What I have learned since is that when I slip into a place of seeking approval from others, instead of having confidence in myself, my life slips into chaos.

On the flip side, when I keep a clear head and stop caring what others think...

That is when I have certainty.
That is when I have clarity in life. 

Trying to please others, and turning to the outside of you for a direction in life, is a path for chaos.

Clarity and success comes from following the voice within.