147: Direct vs Brand Marketing

There are two types of marketing that constantly battle in my mind. 

Direct marketing - The type of marketing where you put in X inputs, and have a formula to calculate Y outputs. 

This marketing is great because it's clear and measurable. But it fails in that it often optimizes for short-term gains in conversion instead of long-term trust and brand credibility.

The second type of marketing is brand marketing. This is where you care less about the analytics behind every conversion, but instead you focus on telling a compelling story. 

You focus on creating something that is different and unique. You focus on building loyal fans and customers who organically spread your message via word-of-mouth.

Brand marketing is much harder to measure, so some marketers have just thrown it by the wayside.

But I truly believe any successful marketer understands that the brand marketing is actually the most important part. It's also the hardest part.

Yet everyday as a marketer, we are faced with choices to optimize for short-term wins, or invest our time in the long-term brand.

There is no right or wrong answer.

But brand vs direct marketing does heavily impact what you build, and what challenges you face as an entrepreneur.