149: Fake scarcity creates resentment

"I only have one slot left open and after this call I am getting on another call, so it's now or never."

Those were the words someone told me as I was on edge about buying into a group program.

In the moment, I caved and purchased.

Yet within hours after the call, I emailed and said, "I'm out"

I realized the BS that was that tactic, and it turned me off.

The other day, a similar thing happened. I was talking with someone who said, "I only talk with one entrepreneur at a time so I need an answer today."


When people pull these fake scarcity-based tactics, you can see through them. 

And when you see through them, you know they are lying. 

This may trigger you in the moment to purchase.
But in the long run, it creates resentment and erodes trust. 

Scarcity is powerful, but it must be true. 
Fake scarcity creates resentment.