151: Customer experience takes intention

Have you ever bought from a company and was left thinking Wow, that was such a great experience?

Well, that kind of experience doesn't happen by luck.
It happens by design. 

It happens by thinking through the entire customer interaction and asking yourself What is each step? And how can we make this better?

Often, improving the experience doesn't actually take a lot of hard work. Small changes can go a long way.

But what it does take is thought and empathy for your customer.

It takes putting yourself in their shoes and interviewing your customers to learn their experience.

And from that place of empathy, you can start to make these subtle tweaks. 
Each tweak in itself may feel small, but over time they add up into an incredible experience.

Building a great customer experience requires intention.
It doesn't take starting from scratch.
But instead small subtle changes that add up into an unforgettable experience.