152: To scale, you must advertise

"Paid ads just aren't my thing. I prefer to focus on other growth channels."

This is another one of those stories that I held in my mind for many years. I was really strong at channels such as outbound, content, and thought leadership. 

I had looked at paid ads as just another channel that you can use to grow.

But over time, my mindset around paid customers has changed. 

I've begun to realize that if your intention is to really scale up and build something sizeable, then paid ads are a must.

Why you ask?

Paid ads are the only channel where I can say, "I will put in $1,000 and get out $5,000."

And once you prove success with putting in $1,000, then you can scale that up to $10,000... Or $100,000.

While you can ramp up content, outbound or conferences and put a lot more effort behind them, virtually nothing other than paid traffic can become a lever that you just push on for growth.

This is why all massive startups invest in paid traffic.

Now, I'm not saying that paid traffic is the holy grail or that it's the only way.
I'll admit, I still haven't taken the plunge to start running paid ads because I still have so much to learn.

But I recognize that if I want to scale, then I must learn to advertise.