153: Learn every day

"Do you write all of those posts that go out on social?"

I get this question often. The answer...

Every single one. People ask me how I do this, or why I do this, and so let me share a story...

When I was early in my entrepreneurial career, my learning path was ad hoc at best. I would read a full book in a weekend, and then not read for 2 months. Or just consume random podcasts when I had the time.

But I had no ritual of consistent learning.

That all changed when I came across an idea called "Discover & Declare" by Garret J. White. 

Every day, I started to study something new. 
Every day, I would write up something I learned and teach it to others.

Slowly and steadily, I began to evolve.
Not through some single book that changed everything.
But through the compound effect of everything that I learned day after day.

One time, I even remember a small sales tactic I learned that literally helped me bump up my close rate by ~30%.

Small tweaks, day after day, lead to massive changes over time.

Make it a habit to learn something new every day.
It will change your life.