155: Take care of your mental health

Growing up we are taught about “mental health” like it is some sort of disease like cancer that just “happens to people”. 

Yet, the reality is that mental health is quite different.

Stress, anxiety, compulsive thinking, panic attacks, depression… these aren’t things that just “happen to people”. Instead these are things we let happen to ourselves because we don’t take care of our mental health.

Just like we must workout to take care of our body, we must workout our brains. 

Therapy, meditation, journaling. These are all simple habits that can seem trivial, but are essential to protecting your mental health. 

Because when you let a mental disorder creep in, it starts to impact you.

It impacts your decision making.
It impacts how you show up for your team.
And eventually, if you don’t get it in order, it will impact your bottom line.

Take care of your mental health. It’s essential.