156: Get to the root of the problem

Whenever we come across a problem in business, we immediately want to jump in and start providing solutions. 

"Problem > Solution"

And while in some cases that may work, that can often miss the mark. Because sometimes what we see as a "problem" is actually a "symptom" of a greater "root problem". 

And so if we just look at the problem in front of us, we may come up with a short-sighted answer that helps a little bit, but doesn't really solve the problem at hand.

Instead, we need to follow a different path. 

"Problem > Identify root cause > Propose solution" 

When we dig one layer deeper, we often find that the problem we are dealing with is often part of a root cause that is much bigger. A cause that may be creating many problems. 

If we just look at the surface, we only make small progress.
But when we look deeper, we can fix the real issues that will move us forward at a rapid pace.