157: Become the best

Whenever you seek out to start a business or build a career, there is one thing you should ask yourself.

Am I the best in my area of focus? Am I #1?

Today you probably aren't, but I challenge you to figure out how you can become that. 

When I started Lead Cookie, I set out to create the #1 Done-for-You Linkedin Lead Generation service.

Over time, we succeeded at becoming this.

Now with Content Allies, we are focusing on creating the #1 Linkedin Content service. 

But we aren't close to being #1 yet. In fact, we're kind of amateur still...

So everyday I wake up and learn how to get better. I study the writing and work of others, and document all that I learn.

Then I teach this to my team so they can become better as well, and build processes around producing consistent deliverables.

Over time we will become the #1 Linkedin Content Service in the market. But it starts by first identifying that goal and then improving every day until you get there.