159: Decisions through principles

"I'm trying not to bug you but I don't know how to handle this."

One of my team members recently opened up a Slack message thread with this header. What followed were some screen shots of a conversation between two team members.

He asked how he should handle this and mediate the conflict. 

I looked at the situation for about 30 seconds and said, "Be direct. Don't sugar-coat it." 

This is one of the principles that we have which goes along with our values.
And in this situation, my team member was afraid to engage in conflict and the other two team members were being afraid to collide with each other.

3 people were sitting around building up stories in their own heads about the situation.

When my team member brought this to me, I didn't make the decision of what to do. I simply pointed him to our principles.

Because as a team grows, you can't make every decision. 

You can only give your team guidelines and principles to make decisions without you.