160: Managing creatives

"I'm just blocked and getting in my own way." 

Recently, I heard this statement from one of my new writers at Content Allies. And it was quite a different management challenge for me.

At Lead Cookie, our team is built of doers. There are set tasks that need to be done, and we dive in and do them.

But at Content Allies, 90% of the work we do is content creation which is a much more creative task. 

And I've come to learn very quickly that it requires an entirely different management style.

For the doer, it is simple. You must give them clear instructions, expectations, and standards. They execute and deliver. Other than the occasional challenge, there is not much of a "qualitative" aspect to the work.

For the creative, it's different. You must coach them, encourage them, train them, and motivate them. 

Because their work is "qualitative," you must give feedback and help them improve with each iteration so that they can produce their best work.

The doer wants clear systems and deliverables.
The creative needs support, feedback, and encouragement.

Don't manage a creative like a doer.