161: Anxiety is not productive

As entrepreneurs, there are times when things just stack up. Item after item piles up.

Or as the saying goes, "When it rains, it pours."

During these times, it's easy to get anxious and overwhelmed. Your mind starts running like crazy and you become afraid of falling behind. 

But the truth is, anxiety is not productive.

In fact, when you let your mind get into an anxious state, you often turn problems into things bigger than they need to be.

But worst of all, anxiety wears on you. 
It fatigues you. 

And that fatigue impacts your decision-making.

If you let this anxiety run for too long, you start making bad decisions.
Those bad decisions lead to more chaos.
And that chaos leads to more anxiety.

When you find yourself feeling the anxiety, step back. 
Get your mind right.
Take a long weekend or vacation.

It seems counter to do when things are in chaos.
But it is the most productive thing you can do.