162: You can have balance

“Get ready to work 80-hour work weeks for the next 6 months.” - Advice from an unnamed business coach whose name I shall hide to protect the guilty. :)

This mindset of work, work, work, hustle, hustle, hustle... it’s bullshit.

While I admit, a lot of "wantrapreneurs" could use a bit more hustle in their life, most entrepreneurs who start seeing any success swing too far the other direction.

80+ hour work weeks become the norm and we start wearing that as a badge of pride.

Consider an alternative.

Consider giving up short-term profits to hire more help. 
Consider growing slowly, instead of at rapid speeds.
Consider that work should serve your life, and not the other way around.

Working 80+ hours per week is a choice, not a mandate.

You can still build an epic and amazing business working the standard 40. 

Sure, you may have some intense weeks, but it doesn’t have to be your norm.

You can have balance.