163: Stop comparing yourself

The other day someone approached me and was in marvel at the quick growth rate of Lead Cookie.

Yet I found it ironic because at times I find myself marveling at the rapid growth of my peers around me and feel like I come up short.

This comparison is unhealthy, even if businesses look similar.

Other LinkedIn lead gen companies have reached out to me as they are starting up and want to know the secrets.

And the truth is, part of it was timing. 

When I started Lead Cookie, I could find a total of 7 other done-for-you LinkedIn services... today there are countless.

I hit the market early, rode a wave, and established us as a market leader.

If I tried the same thing today, it wouldn’t have the same results because I would be behind the curve.

Yet people try to replicate other businesses, and then compare themselves when they fall short.

When in reality, timing, market conditions, and industry trends are fluid and make it impossible to replicate.

Yes. Model after others.

But don’t get lost in comparisons to someone else who may have just nailed the timing and faced different market conditions than you.