165: Don't overthink it

I used to take pride in "thinking critically." For every major decision I faced, I would draw out mind maps and pros and cons lists.

For every project I embarked on, there would be countless planning documents on what I was going to do.

But eventually, I fell into a trap... I spent all my time thinking about what I was going to do and not enough time actually doing it.

This is a dangerous trap for the entrepreneur, the artist, the creator... you can spend all day thinking about what you are going to do... or you can just do it.

Today, my output is 10x what it once was.
The difference now is that I don't overthink it.

Instead of intellectualizing, I take action.
Instead of thinking, I take first steps. 
Instead of pondering, I just start.

Sure, there needs to be a healthy amount of strategic planning in the mix. But beyond the high level planning, you don't need to spend the rest of your life in thought.

Instead of thought, favor action.

Don't overthink it.
Just do the work you were meant to do.