167: Focus on one creative project at a time

When you are building a business, your time will be split in two ways.

Maintenance work.
Creative work. 

Maintenance is everything that you do to keep the business running- Taking sales calls, handling clients, meeting with team members, etc. 

Creative work is every time you build something new- Launching a new marketing channel, building a new service feature, building new marketing assets.

If you want to get stressed and overwhelmed, try to tackle multiple creative projects at the same time... 

It's nearly impossible while trying to balance it with all of your maintenance work. 
And even if you do it, the quality of the work suffers.

Instead, tackle one creative project every single week.
Focus just on that one project, and do it extremely well.

This will minimize your stress and maximize your output.

Over a year, you will complete 52 projects that will level up your business every single week.

Don't try to do too much. You will burn out and the quality will suffer.
Focus on one creative project at a time.