169: Stop tinkering with your business

Entrepreneurs like to tinker... and often that can be disastrous for your business.

You see, as a business owner, your goal is to get your company to a point where it can run without you. Yet most entrepreneuers will struggle to actually let that happen.

It's scary for them to not be working on something.
It's boring for them to not be producing.
And it's foreign to have the business NOT be dependent on them...

So what do we do?

We tinker.

We throw ourselves back into the business and find something to mess with, some new thing to improve. Yet in reality everything was working just fine without you.

Your goal as an entrepreneur is to build a business that can run without you,
not a business you can tinker around with all day.

When you remove yourself from your business, you must find other creative outlets for your energy.

Write, create, start another business... do something.

Because otherwise you will find yourself creating more problems for your current business than you will be fixing.