170: Stop trying to be right

There is a difference between being right and making the best decision.

Yet most people cling to this idea of being right.
They reject the viewpoints of others out of pride and ego.

Small volumes of "trying to be right" may lead to a few bad decisions.

High volumes of "trying to be right" leads to a close-minded individual who holds their ego above what is actually the best decision.

Instead of trying to be right all the time, open your mind to the viewpoints of others.
Specifically, others who have demonstrated expertise in the area in question.

If you disagree with them, don't spend your time arguing your point.
Instead, listen and try to understand their viewpoint.

Disagreements are not a time where you need to get defensive.
Instead, they are a great time to learn the perspective of another invididual.

Stop trying to be right all the time.
It's holding you back from making the best possible decision.