171: Lean into what you avoid

In your business, there is something you are avoiding.
Something that you know you need to do...
But you just aren't doing it.

This is the key.

Because whenever you are avoiding something, that is the sign that it is the thing you actually need to focus on.

For example, I avoided looking at my bookkeeping for almost 18 months after I realized I had a problem. I hired a crummy bookkeeper, and I knew we weren't in a good situation.

But despite knowing that I was avoiding it, I just kept not looking.

Then one day, everything blows up.
The bookkeeper leaves.
It's tax season.
I bring someone new in.
They don't work out.
The books are in chaos.
And tax deadlines are looming...

This thing that I avoided became a massive problem that cost me thousands of dollars and countless hours of wasted time.

If I had simply leaned into what I was avoiding, it could have changed everything.

When you catch yourself avoiding something, pay attention.
That is often the source of massive problems.