172: Self-Awareness is key

Emotions, thoughts, ideas, opportunities, distractions... these will flow through your head a thousand times a day as an entrepreneur.

And it's easy to let yourself be totally sideswiped by these. For many of us, we don't even realize it is happening.

For years, I lacked self-awareness. I just operated in this state of ego, emotion, and impulse.

Occasionally I had some successes, but I often had a lot of failures. Both came at the whim of luck and pure grit as opposed to actual conscious achievement.

Today, I vigilantly practice self-awareness- Through journaling, meditation, self-development, and coaches.

All of these are daily habits in my life because they reflect me back to myself. They let me see me for who I am, and not for what my impulses and desires make me out to be.

Self-awareness is a crucial difference between the entrepreneur who is tugged along by his business, and the entrepreneur who designs a life worth living.

It's a daily practice of time and effort.
But it's one worth practicing.