173: It's about your customer

It's not about you, it's about your customer.

This simple lesson is fundamental to succesful marketing. And even if we know it, the depth of what this lesson means can go so deep.

Too often as entrepreneurs, we put ourselves and our business as the center of our attention.

We think in terms of our perspective, our profits, our processes, and our people.
This is actually thinking small when you look at things this way.

Instead, if you can flip your perspective and think about the customer first, things change.

Think about your customers' needs and pains, their experience, their ROI, their success, their emotions.

When you do this, you can begin to design a product or service that blows the customer away. Then, from there, you can operationally figure out how to deliver that service as a business.

AirBnb did this with their classic #11 star check-in brainstorming experiment. This forced them to think about how to create an amazing experience.

You can do the same for your business. Put the customer first and figure out how to make it all about them.