174: Study yourself

"In this article, this guy said hiring a VP of Marketing as soon as he could was the best thing he ever did. Should I do that?"

This question came up in a mastermind recently.
The specifics of the question do not matter.

But what matters is the underlying tone the question implies.

It is the tone of studying the success of others as a means to make decisions.

We all do this. And to an extent we have to, as studying the success of others can teach us many things and put us in a good direction.

But it's not actually the most productive thing to do.

Instead of studying the stories of others who have made it big... try studying yourself.

Look at when you have your biggest successes, and your biggest failures.
What led to them?
What can you learn from them?

When are you at your best? Or your worst?

Spend less time consuming the content from the stories of others.
And spend more time on self-awareness and studying yourself.

Studying yourself pays off in bigger ways than studying others.