177: Stop bragging about busyness

Q: "How's work?"
A: "Oh it's crazy busy. But that's a good problem to have!"

Oh, the many times I've had such a silly conversation.

Our society has programmed us to praise being "busy". It's considered such a good thing.

Yet most of us didn't sign up to be entrepreneurs so we could be "busy."

Instead, we became entrepreneurs because we want to make a great income.
We became entrepreneurs because we want freedom over our schedule.

Yet, somehow, we back ourselves into a hole of "busy."
And then we brag about it...

There is another way. Instead of being crazy busy all the time... you can run a calm company.

You can build a business to run without you.
You can build a team that loves their job.
You can have a calm and collected life as an entrepreneur.

I know, it sounds like a crazy promise, but it's possible.

As the entrepreneur, you decide what you build.

Do you want to build a crazy busy company?
Or do you want to build a calm, collected company that offers freedom and balance?