178: Evolve your organization

Many entrepreneurs put little thought into how their organization runs. Instead, they spend all their time focused on marketing, tactics, and trying to hit their next growth goal.

As a result, they may not ask the hard questions:

Are our meeting structures as effective as they could be?
Are we getting the most out of our team by giving them ample time off?
Are we developing new products or services?

These questions don't seem necessary at a glance.
They aren't sexy or fun.
But they are important, nonetheless,
Because your company ultimately produces products and services for your customers.
And the efficiency of your company determines many things...

Your happiness
Your team's happiness
Your customer's happiness
Profitability and sustainability

So it's worth looking at your company as something worth evolving.
It's worth examining how you and your team work, and also looking for better ways.

Don't just do it the way you have always done it.
Look for ways to evolve and grow your organization.