181: Get to deep work

"What did I even do today?" - This question arises most often when you end up with a work day full of scattered meetings, slack pings, emails, and fires to put out.

You hop around through your day being pulled by the winds of whatever external force directs your attention next.

This state of work has become normal for many... yet it's a choice.

And if you are not intentional about the work you do and how you structure your day, then it becomes the default.

In today's tech-enabled society, apps are fighting for your attention.
Slack wants you to check what notification is behind that little red dot... even if it's just a giphy.

To do good quality work, you have to structure your day to enable it.
You have to set up your work space to allow it.
And you have to be disciplined to avoid distractions so you can get to a place of doing work that matters.

The same is true of your team.
If you fill their calendars with meetings and overload them with distractions, then they will struggle to ever output quality work for you.

Get to deep work. It is where you and your team will make the biggest impact.